Match Fit: Lewes F.C vs Manchester United

Match Fit: Lewes F.C vs Manchester United

Good ol' Sussex by the sea.

March 22nd 2023

Lewes F.C. vs Manchester United. Sunday was a special day in Sussex. Equality FC welcomed one of the world’s biggest clubs to The Dripping Pan, so you know we had to take a trip down south and see if the stadium lived up to its name.

It was The Rooks’ first ever FA Cup quarter-final, so it’s only right we immortalised a real moment in time by capturing some of the best and brightest terrace looks. The result? One of the most wholesome games The Admin has ever taken in. You’re looking at the people’s game.

Just last week, before the biggest game in their history, Lewes F.C. used their platform to campaign for FA Cup prize pots to be combined and shared evenly.

For reaching the final eight of the competition, the club received £45k whilst their neighbouring Premier League side Brighton took home £450,000 for reaching the same stage in the men’s competition. And although the women’s prize pot increased to £3 million earlier this year, the men’s increased by almost £4m – the gap continues to grow despite teams at all levels investing heavily in the women’s game. Their efforts are not reflected in the rewards they receive, and without clubs like Lewes F.C. pushing not just for more, but for what’s deserved, we won’t see the progress we need.

This team may have lost the battle at the weekend, but there’s no denying they won’t stop fighting for an even bigger victory. This club is built different.

Take a look below at some of the best snaps from the historic matchday.

Photography by Ethan Bucher for VERSUS.