Stormzy Shuts Down London in Visuals for Long-Awaited New Track, “VOSSI BOP”

Big Mike back 🥃

April 26th 2019

Stormzy is finally back with new music, and has shared a cold video for his hotly-anticipated new track, “Vossi Bop.”

The Henry Scholfield-directed visuals showcase Big Mike rapping on London’s Westminster Bridge, posted up with his #Merky family in front of Big Ben and the Bank of England. The Chris Andoh-produced single finds the Glastonbury headliner in fine form, reeling off a flurry of cold bars in his first release since Gang Signs & Prayer back in 2017.

Speaking about the track in a Beats 1 interview with Julie Adenuga, Stormzy said, “2016 I made this song. Or 2015. And yeah, I just had the spirit of Vossi in me, and I was just like … Yeah, it was very like, now that I think back on it, it just felt very from God, and very natural. Like yeah, this is my vibe right now. I think it just embodies everything that I’m about. The confidence, the humor, the style, the flair, the anarchy, the chaos, just the vibe. All of these things, I was like, “This is me embodied.”

While Stormz has been taking a break from music, he’s been busy setting up his #Merky Book imprint with publishers Penguin Books and creating a scholarship program for black students applying to Cambridge University.

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