C.P. Company’s P.Ri.S.M Collection Is a Utility Masterclass

Utilitarian expertise ❄️

January 15th 2020

Apparel innovators C.P. Company demonstrate their utilitarian expertise with the new P.Ri.S.M collection.

Renowned as the founders and prime innovators of the garment dyeing technique, C.P. Company has proven to be some of the industries leaders when it comes to garment innovation and experimentation.

Their latest engineering efforts come courtesy of P.Ri.S.M – Prismatic Rip-Stop Membrane – which offers strikingly bold colouring with an iridescent effect on a range utilitarian sportswear styles. The capsule collection includes three outerwear variations finished with the brand’s iconic lenses and goggles, a vest, cargo pants, and three sweatshirts.

Take a closer look at the C.P. Company P.Ri.S.M collection below, and shop the full range now via C.P. Company and select global retailers.


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