Ian Wright Is Teaming Up with Football Beyond Borders to Launch a New Curriculum on Black British History

'Gamechangers' will aim to provide the next gen with a richer education on Black British History.

July 22nd 2021

Ian Wright and Football Beyond Borders have launched a new educational programme focussed on British Black history with the help of Gillette.

‘Gamechangers’ will give young people the opportunity to study British Black history and be the best version of themselves as they learn more about history, the experiences of others, and the positive values and behaviours that contribute to a more fair and equal society.

FBB have already rolled out the programme to 250 young people across 16 schools in London and Manchester however, from today, a condensed version of the educational resources will be available for free public download via Gillette’s UK website. The aim is for teachers and education professional to access the resources so even more children can learn.

Speaking on the launch, Ian Wright said:

“The Gamechangers programme with Gillette and FBB is an important project for me and I’m proud to be part of something that celebrates the contributions and successes of role models across Black British history. I’ve said it before, but education is one of the key areas that can help move us to a more equal and inclusive society and if we’re to support and equip the next generation, then it’s through programmes like this.

We didn’t learn about Black history when I was at school, and I often wonder what impact that might have had on my generation. This is about supporting young people to understand their value, know the history and create a safe place for difficult conversations that help move us in the right direction.”

Access the ‘Gamechangers’ curriculum and learn about Black British History for yourself here.