Bukayo Saka is GQ Style’s Latest Cover Star

Lil Chilli lands a big cover 🌶️

April 11th 2022

Bukayo Saka has become the latest footballing cover star for GQ, becoming British GQ Style’s Spring/Summer 2022 issue.

Aged just 20, Bukayo has become one of the Premier League’s most beloved young superstars, with the Arsenal and England star speaking to author Musa Okwonga about his heritage, his football heroes and how faith fuels his fearlessness in the new story.

Take in the key takeaways from the interview below.

On being grateful for his come up:
“Our coach would always say – even when we were young – he would look at the group and say, ‘only one or two of you is going to make it,’. We would all look at each other because we were all so good, we were unbeaten, and everyone was baffled, like, who’s it going to be?”

When asked which football player has blown Saka away with their quality, he replies:
“Sergio Busquets, the way he just so elegantly turned me! [in a pre-season friendly in August 2019] I came at him to press him, I tried to fake this side then go to the other, and the way he just embarrassed me: I was just like, yeah, this guy is elite.”

On his favourite musicians:
“When I’m in the car with my girl, we listen to Ed Sheeran!”

On his faith:
“Throughout life, you keep exercising your faith, so when you get into different challenges, you decide, ‘this time I’m going to trust God’, and God comes through for you. That’s how it kept building and building for me, so I can be confident and go into places knowing that God’s got me. That’s why a lot of times I can be fearless.”

Saka is happy to be asked about Bukayo, his most profound of Yoruba names:
“My grandma gave it to me because of its meaning. It means ‘God has added joy to my life.’ She wanted me to add joy to the family, so she named me that… Every time she called me, that’s probably what I meant to her.”

Read the interview in full here before the Spring/ Summer 2022 issue of British GQ Style becomes available for digital download and on newsstands on Thursday 14 April.