Danny Rose Wishes that He’d “Opened Up Sooner” About His Battle With Depression

Rose opened up on his mental health before the tournament.

August 8th 2018

Spurs’ full back Danny Rose has said he’s been overwhelmed by the support he has received since opening up on his mental health before the tournament.

Rose opened up about his battle with depression back in June, which was brought on with his frustration over his slow recovery from a knee injury and a number of family problems.

The series of events led to “a testing time” for the 28-year-old, but since opening up about his struggles he’s been buoyed by the response from teammates, coaches, and fans.

“The reaction I’ve had has been unbelievable,” Rose told the Daily Mirror this week, “I was back home in Doncaster over the weekend. My brother plays for Grimsby and I was at the game. I had two people come up to me at the game thanking me for what I’d said.

“They had suffered from it and it had helped them…I went away with England, there was a member of staff there who’d suffered from it and [they] thanked me as well. It just made me wish maybe I’d done it sooner. Or maybe after the World Cup, but yes, I’m glad I did it in the end.”

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