Dave Speaks Out on “Deeper Problems” with Racism in “So Many Different Aspects” of Football

Santan speaking the truth.

April 8th 2019

Dave has called out the “deeper problem” of racism in football by aptly pointing out that exists far beyond “racist fans in stands”.

Speaking after a week where Juventus captain Leonardo Bonucci claimed the racist abuse his teammate Moise Kean received was “50-50” his fault, and Gordon Strachan conflated the convicted sex offender Adam Johnson’s situation with racial abuse, Dave spoke out about the inherent racism that still remains a large factor in the modern game.

Taking to Twitter to get his thoughts off his chest, Dave said, “Racism in football is in so many different aspects of the game I find it mad belittling when pundits talk about it as if the ONLY thing to solve is the racist fans in the stadiums. Bonucci and Gordon Strachan’s naive views have further proved this week that the problem is deeper”

In the next tweet, Dave said, “From grassroots level down to management in the academy’s in the stadiums to the unfair vilification of certain players, the media so many factors you can’t just slap a one poster up saying no to racism and tell the guys at sky sports to debate it for two weeks this is DEEP”

Dave, once again, is speaking the truth. Bonucci and Strachan’s comments continue to highlight that racism is indeed deeper than just one-off incidents. While both the Juventus defender and the former Scotland manager claimed they “expressed themselves badly” and cited “incorrect use of language” after rightly being called out, it’s clear their choice of words and thoughts are reflective of the deeper-seated issue of racism in all areas of the game that desperately needs to evolve.

Kean’s racist abuse came eight days after England players including Raheem Sterling, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Danny Rose faced racist abuse during a Euro 2020 qualifier in Montenegro, with Rose since stating that he “can’t wait to see the back of football” while criticising the slack punishments handed out by football’s governing bodies when responding to racism in the game.

One-week advertising campaigns and paltry, slap-on-the-wrist fines from football’s governing bodies aren’t going far enough to stamp out racism from the game. As Dave correctly said, these incidents are “deeper” rooted and are symptomatic of the views not just held by some fans of the game, but wider society on the whole.