Flex Technical with the Stone Island AW19 Lookbook

Expected the unexpected in Stone Island's latest drop ?

September 3rd 2019

Experimentation, fabrication finesse and risk-taking lead the pack as Stone Island unveils their full autumn/winter 2019 lookbook.

When it comes to Stone Island, you should come to expect the unexpected, with every season offering new challenges as the expert design team implements new dye techniques, toys with new fabrics and treatments, and does camouflage in ways you’d struggle to find elsewhere. Autumn/Winter 2019 is, of course, no different in this regard as the designers and technicians further explore particular areas of excellence, such as reflective finishes and the new Paintball camouflage.

Characterised by its weathered-looking base and high contrast orange paint splatters, the latest seasonal camo is unlike anything that has come before it. Stepping into the fray as a departure from the usual animal camos – with previous seasons offering both Zebra and Alligator – and into truly unique territory. This print features heavily, adding a lick of paint to outerwear, pants, and more. Recurring standouts such as the space-age Nylon Metal sees expansion into two-piece tracksuits, while special process reflective outerwear steals the spotlight, and classic tactical vest receives utilitarian updates.

Stone Island’s autumn/winter 2019 excels in so many areas that you’d be better off eyeing up the lookbook’s highlights yourself below. Stay tuned to the Stone Island online store as the seasonal drop begins its rollout.