Rapman’s ‘Blue Story’ Grosses £1.3 Million at UK Box Office in Opening Weekend

Excelling despite the controversy 📈

November 26th 2019

Rapman’s Blue Story has become a UK box office smash by grossing £1.3m on the film’s opening weekend, despite Vue and Showcase controversially pulling the film from all their venues on Sunday, November 25.

That figure made the film the 3rd highest-grossing film from last week, and despite being banned in several locations, the film brought in £4,194 per location out of the 310 it was shown at.

Vue and Showcase would face massive online backlash from lead actor Micheal Ward and Top Boy star Ashley Walters among the likes of Notes, Tion Wayne and a host of other high-profile figures after the right-wing press blamed the film for a mass brawl at a Birmingham cinema at a screening of Frozen 2.

Showcase have since reversed their decision to suspend viewing of the film after a wave of public pressure and the #NoBlueNoVue hashtag, and the film has proven to be a massive success despite limited press exposure and a cast list of lesser-known, British actors compared to the average Hollywood or Disney movie.