The Best Football Lyrics from RV and Chip’s Remix of Blasé & Luxo’s ‘Top Striker’

"Top Striker call me Thierry" ⚽

January 31st 2020

Blasé & Luxo have just linked up with Chip and RV for their dope ‘Top Striker’ remix, and we’ve never heard a UK rap track filled with such an onslaught of cold, baller-inspired bars.

Produced by SK-Beats, “Top Striker” remix sees Chip and RV lay down a couple of cold verses on a fresh new version of Blasé & Luxo’s 2019 heater.

Directed by Nathan James Tettey, the visuals kick off with a monologue from none other than Ian Wright, who weighs up his opinion on who the best striker in the Premier League is, before the football lyrics are unleashed with vim from the four MCs. Tune in above.

With everyone from Ruud van Nistelrooy to Fabrice Muamba getting a mention on the new remix, we rounded up the best bars from the new track for you to take in below.

Blase & Luxo

“Turn a mansion to a bando / scoring from a German wing now, call a man Jadon Sancho”

“In the ting with an outside foot like Roberto, ball in the air all curvy, Man a chew gum like Fergie, big Keano man do ‘em all dirty”


“My first name shoulda been Ruud but my last name ain’t Van Nistelrooy / Like who wants shots, get a clip full boy”

“Lead weight your pencil ain’t working, man gun with the ink like Sterling”


“Top striker I’m starting eleven, all alone I’ll bark off the weapon / I ain’t going back on the wing cah I know feds wanna C R with a 7”

“Passenger side on my best friends ride, up front with the 9 like Lacazette / My man shoulda worked on the stamina, got caught ‘cos he couldn’t catch his breath”

“Everyday ring ring trap, cos I’m after the P like SG / Bought R1 incase they try to finesse me”

“Bad B said I’m a keeper, calls me Petr, run up a cheque / Tottenham what I rep, bossing Man’s City like Pep”

“Gucci, Louis, Fendi, I just got three kicks, no set piece”

“Don’t come in the field in Tottenham, your heart can’t take it like Fabrice Muamba”

“No one can say that they buss me, the racks I got I had to acquire / Went LV for a T shirt, 5 on my top like Harry Maguire”