Kerby Jean-Raymond’s ‘CrateMaster’ Film Showcases Reebok’s Slick Change of Direction

The intimate short film marks an exciting new era at the brand ?

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August 26th 2021

Kerby Jean-Raymond’s inspirational CrateMaster short film has been steadily going viral over the last few months, with the first film from Reebok’s VP of Creative Direction illustrating an exciting new approach from the brand.

The short film has already run up over one million views on YouTube after striking a chord with basketball fans all over the world with it’s intimate portrait of young kids with hoop dreams in NYC.

Filmed in the Brooklyn borough of Brownsville, New York around the corner from Jean-Raymond’s old neighbourhood of Flatbush, ‘CrateMaster’ authentically illustrates what it’s like growing up as a kid in New York wanting to play basketball.

Following the life of young ballers in the community competing in a gritty street tournament, called CrateMaster, the film delivers and empowering message to the youth while championing creativity while clad in classic Reebok footwear and contemporary product.

Moreover, the film really shows the levels Reebok are now bringing to the table as brand with a new sense of purpose. ‘CrateMaster’ offers distinct switch up in visual identity and output from the brand that has got plenty of people hyped on what’s to come from them with Jean-Raymond at the forefront.

Speaking about ‘CrateMaster’, Jean-Raymond said: “For inner city areas like Brooklyn, where this particular story is told, access to play is a big issue-you have so many people with so little resources and even less space. While CrateMaster shines a light on that, it more so defines the power of community and play that motivates these youth to create their own access, to be with one another and to compete.”

Jean-Raymond will continue to develop his work with Reebok more prominently into 2021, with his first influence on a product set to debut in Reebok’s Spring-Summer 2022 Collection, before an entire collection inspired by his creative direction is revealed in Spring-Summer 2023.

Tune into ‘Cratemaster’ above’ and for more information on the film and the accompanying product, head to Reebok.