The Best Football Lyrics from the ‘Top Boy’ Soundtrack, Including Dave’s Cold Rhian Brewster Bar

More baller-inspired bars from the UK's best lyricists.

September 13th 2019

The wait is over: Top Boy has finally arrived on Netflix, and OVO Sound have blessed us with a fire accompanying soundtrack which features wall-to-wall heaters from a host of heavyweight UK artists.

With half the show’s cast made up of musicians, the show goes hand-in-hand with celebrating the best that London has to offer when it comes to music – with Kane Robinson and Ashley Walters (Kano and Asher D) at the helm to oversee the curation of this year’s iconic soundtrack with assistance from OVO Sound top don and executive producer, Drake.

“There’s this kind of synergy with music and Top Boy, and it’s another reason why it’s a great time for Top Boy to launch – simultaneously the music industry is thriving with a lot of new talent and just going from strength to strength in this country,” Kano said when talking about the new soundtrack, which features some of the best lyricists in the country doing exactly what they do best.

With the likes of Dave, Headie One, M Huncho and Nafe Smallz dropping off all-new tracks which flex the breadth and strength of UK rap in 2019, there were always going to be some cold baller-inspired bars woven into the 17 track soundtrack. Before you tune into Season 3, take a listen to some of the best bars from the ‘Top Boy’ soundtrack below.

1. Nafe Smallz – ‘Riding On E’

“Grow up on the block, drug dealin’ on the scram / Thug was 13, bust an AC, no Milan”

One of the UK’s brightest up-and-coming talents shines on two tracks across the tape, with this bar describing the gritty conditions he made it up from while referencing the Rossoneri.

2. Headie One – ‘Hard To Believe’

“Six in the tre, spin it like Manny Norte / Old school I couldn’t hear from shorty, left on the wing, Boa Morte”

When it comes to shouting out players the streets will never forget in lyrics, Headie One remains undefeated. Whether it’s Jamie O’Hara, Djibril Cisse and now Luis Boa Morte, no one quite does it like Headie.

3. M Huncho – ‘One Summer’

“This that Michael Owen, ’96 ’til ’02 / Gettin’ packs for a mission for a ’42”

Huncho is a big Arsenal fan, but this is the first time of note that he’s delivered a baller-inspired bar. It’s also more than likely the first time Michael Owen gets a shout out on a UK rap track, with Huncholini referencing the dates of Owen’s prime in this bar.

4. Dave – ‘Professor X’

“I’m a top boy like Sully but darker / Hahaha, what’s the drama? / Peng ting still get aired
/ Left on read and blue like Barça”

Santan is one of the coldest out when it comes to football lyricism, and the Streatham MC’s word play on this one is once again top notch.

5. Dave – ‘Professor X’

“And my new ting came with kids / And that’s okay ’cause I am still dickin’ it / Little man wanna jump on Fifa / So I’m close to the son like Icarus”

This bar is a complete madness. Who else in rap can blend bars about Greek mythology alongside everyone’s favourite video game in such a greazy way?

6. Dave – ‘God’s Eye’

“Gettin’ Rhian like I tried to play a prank on Brewster / Whole family full of talent, we’re the Adenugas / Bag of shooters, adolescence with attitude / When hard work, opportunity, proper tunin'”

Arguably the best bars of the bunch from the soundtrack (and certainly more wholesome than the ‘Professor X’ bar above), Dave shouts out his boy Rhian Brewster while shouting out one of the most pioneering families in UK music.

Stream the ‘Top Boy (A Selection of Music Inspired by the Series)’ soundtrack via your desired streaming platform below.