Watch the New “Top Boy: The Legacy” Documentary Before Series 3 Begins on Friday

The wait's almost over.

September 9th 2019

Netflix have released a new documentary titled “Top Boy: The Legacy” to look at the impact of the show before Season 3 kicks off this Friday.

The 10 minute mini-doc explores the evolution of Top Boy, from Drake’s fandom to the upcoming series and its exploration of London culture.

Speaking of his inspiration behind the show, creator and writer Ronan Bennett shared “Ten years ago, I witnessed a 10 year-old boy dealing drugs outside my local supermarket. It made me question what was going on in my own community and led me to create Top Boy.”

Series veteran Ashley Walters shared, “Top Boy is a raw, real representation of street culture. It explores how these characters came to make the choices they make, and gives the audience a behind-the-scenes look as to what is happening on our streets today. It needs to be talked about and the show doesn’t shy away from giving us the platform to tell our story. We can’t change things if we do not acknowledge it and understand it first. Netflix is the perfect platform for this show, there aren’t many networks who would be brave enough to keep it this real.”

Check out the mini-doc in full above and in related news, check out all the action from when Drake pulled up to the Top Boy World Premiere last week.