Marcus Rashford and Burberry are Opening Libraries in 10 Primary Schools Across the UK

Helping children in underserved communities unlock the power of their imagination.

November 25th 2021

Following the launch of his Book Club last year and the provision of grants to Norbrook Youth Club and Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, Marcus Rashford and Burberry are now set to open up ten libraries as part of their ongoing global initiative.

Taking to his Instagram to announce the news, Rashford said: “Having identified a need for safe spaces coming out of the pandemic, and building upon the work of the Marcus Rashford Book Club , I am proud to announce our new Burberry global initiative to help children in underserved communities unlock the power of their imagination through access to literacy.”

The new partnership will run with Macmillan Kids UK and the Literacy Trust and will see Marcus Rashford Book Club libraries set up across at 10 UK primary schools. After kicking off in Wythenshawe, Rashford will now be opening libraries in Yorkshire and London to extend the scheme across the country.

“Far too many children do not currently have access to books, typically because of financial restraints, and there was a need to inspire them and allow them to see beyond the challenges they face daily,” Rashford said, “These children need the escapism of reading more than most and access to books should not be restricted by the area you grow up in.”

In his letter welcoming children into the Marcus Rashford Book Club, Rashy said: “If you’re feeling a little down today, a little confused, a little bit scared, this is YOUR safe space. In this library, you can be anybody and anything you want to be.”

Salute to Marcus Rashford for continuing to develop his vision to build a better world. Read our exclusive interview with ‘the people’s PM’ here.