Watch Abra Cadabra’s New Video for Heavy-Hitting Anthem “Pon Dem”

Abz is rounding off an amazing 2017.

November 13th 2017

There aren’t many rappers in the UK that can claim to have had a better 2016 than Tottenham rapper Abra Cadabra. Making a viral breakthrough with a freestyle, that would later become “Robbery” and eventually land him a MOBO Award.

Exploring the depth of his sound in 2017, following on from last month’s “Let Me At Em”, Abz returns to his traditional drill-settings, for new anthem “Pon Dem”.

Produced by MKThePlug and M1OnTheBeat, both have consistently supplied heavy hitting drill sounds for a large portion of the scene, this year and swiftly add another hit, to an ever expanding folder.

As Chapter 1 in Abra Cadabra’s art of war series, expect more to come real soon, for now, check the Suave directed clip above.