Here’s Every Football-Inspired Lyric AJ Tracey Drops in ‘False 9’

"They call man false 9, I can play anywhere and I shine."

July 3rd 2017

AJ Tracey has become Tottenham Hotspur’s best signing of the summer.

The Ladbroke Grove rapper has been the face of Nike and Tottenham Hotspur’s 2017/18 kit reveal and he debuted his latest track, ‘False 9’, at the launch party for Spurs’ new strip in London on Friday night.

‘False 9’ is a banger that’s littered with references to Tottenham Hotspur, FIFA 17 and the biggest players in European football, past and present.

We combed through the bars to find every football-inspired lyric AJ Tracey penned in this latest drop.

1. “They call man false 9 / I can play anywhere and I shine / I got more than a lot on the line / to take on a man, get twine”

AJ uses the metaphor of playing as a false 9 to show his skill and versatility within music. He can take on anyone and humiliate them with his ability.

2. “Man can’t match this / I got fire in a box like matchsticks”

AJ drops a double entendre. “Fire in a box” also relates to the ability of a striker, or False 9, in the opposition area.

3. “I got vision so I pass like a relay / No goal-line tech, can’t get a replay”

AJ’s opposition can’t look to goal-line tech to save them.

4. “My whole team on fire / White kit, see the gal dem admire / I used to hold up the line like Puyol / Bet you thought I was gonna say Dier”

He pays tribute to Spurs’ new all-white kit and makes reference to Carlos Puyol and Eric Dier, defenders past and present.

5. “Chop left, sent to the shop, go Matalan / Pace abuse, I chase cheques like Aubameyang”

AJ’s using the ‘Ronaldo chop’ to send people the wrong way and leave them in the dust. He also references the pace of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, the fastest player in the world according to FIFA 17. The striker is also rumoured to be chasing a mega-money move to China, which AJ nods to.

6. “Been a legend and I still am like Figo”

A tribute to the legacy of Real Madrid and Portugal legend, Luis Figo.

7. “I’m a midfield maestro like Eri / Bet you thought I was gonna say Modric”

AJ says he runs the game like Spurs Christian Eriksen. The lyric also alludes to Eriksen stepping out of the shadow of ex-Spurs playmaker, Luka Modric.

8. “My chain bling like disco / Flair and skill when I flex, I’m Isco”

A shout out for Real Madrid midfielder, Isco.

9. “And I can still kick balls like Drogba / Young and I make big wins like Gotze”

AJ compares himself to the legend of Didier Drogba and midfielder Mario Gotze, who won the World Cup with Germany at just 22-years-old.

10. “Too far gone, can’t catch me, Costa”

This is either a nod to Diego Costa or – more likely – Douglas Costa, the pacey Bayern Munich winger.

11. “Tek like Onomah, sick like cholera”

A shout out to young Tottenham Hotspur midfielder, Josh Onomah, who made five apperances for the club last season.

12. “Five star skills, get twist like Oduwa”

AJ shouts out ex-Tottenham wonderkid Nathan Oduwa, who is one of only 36 players with a ‘5-star-skill’ rating in FIFA 17.

13. “OG, I’m a boss like Hugo”

Wordplay between fashion house Hugo Boss and Spurs goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris.

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