Former UFC Champ Anderson Silva Set to Fight Roy Jones Jr. in a Boxing Match

The next "super fight" after McGregor vs. Mayweather?

January 23rd 2018

In what could potentially be the biggest UFC/Boxing crossover fight since Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather, former six-time world boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. has revealed that a “super fight” between he and UFC champion Anderson Silva is currently being discussed.

The 49-year-old former champion dominated four weight divisions and has stated that he and the 42-year old Silva have been in talks for a while and are now ready to finalize the match. Additionally, Jones already has a group of investors that want to make the fight happen.

The only sticking point? Dana White still needs to be convinced that the fight should take place. But according to the Jones, this is the only issue that needs resolving. He told TMZ Sports, “Anderson wants it, I want it, so the only obstacle is Dana giving him the OK.”

Jones also opened up on what he would say to White in order to convince him to let the fight happen: “I would say ‘Dana, it’s your boy. When you were a nobody, I treated you like you were somebody, so a favour for a favour you know what I’m saying? Let your boy do what he gotta do to get outta here. It’s a perfect situation, a perfect fight, a perfect opportunity—something all the fans want to see.”

Despite both fighters no longer being in their prime, it would still likely be a spectacle that would draw in the sort of interest and money that would make the fight a distinct possibility.

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