Memphis Depay Announces New Music Project “AKWAABA” and Memphis Foundation

Memphis is making moves ?

October 3rd 2018

Lyon talisman Memphis Depay has announced two new projects – a new music single entitled “Akwaaba” and a new charity named ‘The Memphis Foundation’.

The music project comes in the form of a single ‘AKWAABA’ created by Memphis, Winne Ecktuh, Nana Fofie and Rass King is out today, birthed from the trip Memphis recently took back to Ghana. Take a listen to the track, which finds Memphis rapping about “giving back to Ghana” below.

Alongside dropping the new music, Memphis announced that he’s launching a new foundation ‘The Memphis Foundation’, which will “aspire to inspire” and “give back to the world and create awareness through the passion I hold in music.”

No other information has been announced just yet, but stay tuned to VERSUS for the latest on this story.

In other music news, Spotify have just launched an excellent new ‘Black History is Now’ category.