Loyle Carner and Liverpool FC Link Up to Launch the Next Stage of the Levi’s Music Project

Showcasing where the Liverpool music scene is heading next.

November 15th 2018

Levi’s has announced the expansion of their Levi’s Music Project to Liverpool in partnership with Loyle Carner.

The project has already linked up with the likes of Skepta, Everything EVerything and MIST down the years, and now the studio will be opening its doors to young musicians today for a six-month project in Liverpool, with Loyle Carner taking the reins.

Levi’s have created a fully equipped music studio at the Liverpool Lighthouse community centre in the heart of Anfield, where Loyle will be leading 1-2-1 sessions with the participants over six months to help lucky participants with everything from song-writing to social media to nurture their musical talent.

Speaking fondly of this next chapter in the project, Loyle Carner said, “Giving young people a platform to be creative and have access to something they’d never have access to is wicked, there is not enough of that out there. To get to go back to Liverpool is also really exciting for me, it’s like my second home and it’s somewhere that I’ve taken so much inspiration from musically that I can’t wait to get into the studio with these guys and see what they have to say through their music!”

The ened result will see the Levi’s Music Project taking over the Liverpool Sound City festival on May 3-5 to showcase the original pieces created by the young artists throughout the project. For more information, head here.