A Third Drop of ‘Les Vêtements de Football’ Takes Things to Paris

Reworked vintages jerseys from Bayern, Lazio and more.

September 4th 2017

NSS Magazine‘s reworked vintage jerseys are back.

This third drop takes things to the streets of the French capital, Paris, with Lazio, Turkey, Germany and Bayern Munich’s classic colours making an appearance in a heavily stylised collection of shots.

As ever the concept behind the collection is to re-interpret the idea of the football jersey by mixing vintage team colours from the 1970s to 90s with parodied names of some of the most iconic fashion brands of today. Brand names are slightly adjusted and lean on terrace culture Acab, Ballon d’Or, hooligans.”

Shot by JFW75, the reworked jerseys are available from the NSS store starting at 90 EUR each.

Credit NSS Magazine