Nike Just Unveiled the New 2018/19 Premier League ‘Merlin’ Ball

Less panels for magic moments next season.

May 31st 2018

The official match ball for the 2018/19 Premier League season has arrived.

The Nike ‘Merlin’ ball is set to be whizzed about by the Prem’s most spell-binding players next term after replacing the ‘Ordem’ series from 17/18. It features advanced technology, materials and construction to deliver “the best Premier League ball yet.”

The message from Nike is simple: “FEWER PANELS. MORE GOALS.” reads the brief from the ball unveiling, which also shows some new design cues ahead of what’s set to be another fascinating season in the EPL.

Nike have added their All Conditions Control (ACC) technology – also used in their new gloves and boots – in a football for the first time, which “esnures optimal touch and control in all weather and pitch conditions.”

The ball also has seen a higher level of welding techniques used to conjure up a lower number of panels on the Merlin, creating a larger (and cleaner) surface for players to stick the ball in the top bins with greater ease.