These Photos Document the Underground World of Brazilian Street Football Culture

‘Vàrzea’ pays homage to the grass-roots game.

June 27th 2018

Simon Di Principe’s latest photography book is called ‘Vàrzea,’ and it looks at a grittier side of Brazilian football to the one we’re currently seeing on TV.

In an interview with Dazed, the photographer explains that saying the book is sabout far more than just the beautiful game, saying “They are about people, communities – a social documentary and a historical story.”

He also explained that ‘Vàrzea’ means something that is ‘precariously or improvised’ – which refers to the grass-roots football leagues and tournaments that are at the heart of the Brazilian game, rather than the huge, corporate stage the Seleção superstars are playing at as they look to win the World Cup.

Check out the gallery below to get a feel for ‘Vàrzea,’ and read the photographer’s interview in full, here.