Neymar has Just Become the World’s Most Branded Footballer

The Brazilian now endorses 35 different companies.

December 12th 2018

It should come as no shock that Neymar is now, without doubt, the world’s most branded footballer.

Every move the Brazilian forward makes – whether it’s on or off the pitch – is now accompanied with a branded product. His most recent move, to become the Global Ambassador for Qatar’s National Bank, saw him pocket another huge sum to take his endorsement earnings to £14 million for the year.

That’s an absolutely staggering amount of money, and more than 99% of footballers will earn in their lifetimes – but still pales in comparison to his annual PSG wage of a staggering £57 million. Cristiano Ronaldo earns more per-year with his endorsements where he racks up an estimated £37 million per annum, but the breadth of Neymar’s various sponsorships now make him more branded than any other player.

With over 107 million followers on Instagram, he’s able to offer wider exposure to brands than most football club Instagrams, which is why the likes of Jordan, Beats, Red Bull, McDonalds, MasterCard, Gillette, Wish, Handicap International, TCL, Digible, Proibida, Cafe Pilao, Replay, C&A, Gol, Oppo, Gaga Milano, EA Games, Honda, AB InBev, Mr Z, Arco, Mauricio De Sousa, Skillab, Panini, Mattel, Romancer, Universo Dod Livros, Rico, Heilar, Air, Cerveja Prohibida, and Sidney Oliveira are all desperate to carry on paying for that Neymar co-sign.

In related news, Neymar recently revealed that he’s open to a move to the Premier League.