Hector Bellerin Has Started a Vlog to Document His Rehab from a Serious Knee Injury

"I want you to see what we go through when we have an injury like this."

February 20th 2019

Hector Bellerin has started a vlog to offer a never-before-seen insight on the recovery process footballers undertake after suffering serious injuries.

The Arsenal defender underwent surgery for a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee following a game against Chelsea last month, and is expected to be out of action for around nine months.

Always a player determined to break new ground, Bellerin is turning this setback into a positive by starting a YouTube series documenting the physical, mental and emotional strain serious injuries have on elite athletes.

Speaking in the first episode of his vlog, Bellerin says:

“I want all of you to see what we go through – and not just in the exercises we do. I always try to make positive things out of negative situations so hopefully this will be a chance for you guys to an insight into what we go through when we get these sort of injuries. It’s the first time I’ll have to go for surgery like this and I’m a bit scared.”

The first two episodes, which are live on Hector’s YouTube channel, are a brave and honest look at one of the toughest times in any professional athlete’s career.

As always, Hector Bellerin should be saluted for daring to be different.