EA Sports Reveal All-New ‘G.O.A.T. Career Mode’ for UFC 3

The latest release from EA Sports packs a punch.

January 11th 2018

The countdown is on to the arrival of EA Sports UFC 3.

The latest iteration of the series features Conor McGregor on the cover, of course, but in this latest trailer, the focus is placed on moulding your own individual character into one of the sport’s greats.

Much like FIFA’s ‘The Journey’ mode with Alex Hunter, which sees you navigate life on and off the pitch through scoring belters and nailing press conferences, UFC 3 will focus on building your character’s career in the so-called ‘World Fighting Alliance’.

The way you promote your character outside the ring matters just as much as how well you nail combinations in the Octagon, all with a view of impressing Dana White enough to give you a shot in the UFC ranks.

The game mode allows you to choose from eight different gyms to begin your career at, each specialising in a unique fighting skill your fighter can choose to hone in on. As you progress through your career, you decide how to conduct yourself, with bigger fights and bigger money involved as you work your way up until you become the undisputed G.O.A.T. in the UFC.

This looks like a gamechanger.