Jesse Lingard’s Milly Rock Will be a New Celebration in FIFA 19

Pogba's 'Billy Dance' is also in the game.

August 15th 2018

We’re all approaching that time of the year where hype for the next installment of FIFA 19 is reaching fever pitch, with the next game featuring some new mouth-watering gameplay features, as well as the huge additions of the Champions League and Europa League rights.

One of the more low-key additions to the game for gamers to look forward to is a host of new celebrations. Some of the most iconic moves from last season look like they’ll be in FIFA 19 – including Jesse Lingard’s ‘Milly Rock,’ which he famously pulled out at The Emirates.

While we really need to see a ‘Shoot’ dance, (remember Panama? Seems like years ago…) Pogba’s ‘Billy Dance’ and Mbappe’s arm fold will also feature in the upcoming game when you hold ‘X’ or ‘A’ after scoring a goal with either player.

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