Former Ajax Midfielder Abdelhak Nouri Has Regained Consciousness After 2 Year Coma

Much-needed good news ?

March 27th 2020

After more than two years in a coma, the family of Abdelhak Nouri have confirmed that the former-Ajax midfielder has regained consciousness.

The Dutchman – nicknamed ‘Appie’ by his family and friends at Ajax – suffered a cardiac arrhythmia attack during Ajax’s pre-season friendly clash with Werder Bremen back in July 2017 and sustained severe brain damage caused by a lack of oxygen supply.

Nouri’s brother told Dutch press: “He is no longer in a coma. He’s awake. He sneezes, he eats and gives us signals with his eyebrows. But he doesn’t get out of bed. He is very dependent on us.”

“On his good days there is a form of communication, for example, confirmation with his eyebrows or a smile. But you notice that he can’t last that very long.

“He often shows emotions. Sometimes he is emotional, but often there is also a smile. That does us good. That makes you really appreciate a smile.”

Stay strong, Appie.