Netflix Will Produce a ‘Drive to Survive’ Style Docuseries on La Liga Next Season

An access all areas look at one year in the Spanish top flight.

February 22nd 2023

La Liga is set to become the first major European league to get a longform documentary series from Netflix after signing a major new deal with the streaming giant.

Following the success of Formula 1’s ‘Drive to Survive’, the PGA Tour’s ‘Full Swing’ and the ATP/WTA’s ‘Break Point’, the new La Liga series from Netflix will follow the stories and rivalries from all of the division’s clubs in 2023/24 season.

Because this deal has been signed directly with La Liga rather than with an individual club, the series will give a holistic view of all the major teams and players in a single competitive season. Before now, it’s been more common for streaming giants to work directly with one club and produce formats like Amazon’s ‘All or Nothing’ focusing on a single team.

An early look at how this new La Liga series might come together could be seen in a forthcoming drop from Netflix and FIFA, which will tell the story of the 2022 World Cup and include access from every team that competed in Qatar.

This move is yet another example of La Liga continuing to innovative in order to grow the league’s global fanbase. Last year, the Spanish top flight entered into a first-of-its-kind content partnership with UFC to cross-promote their competitions.

The new La Liga series from Netflix is already in pre-production and is likely to release at the end of 2024.