The Premier League Has Rejected a Proposal from Netflix to Create a ‘Drive to Survive’ Style Series

The 20 Premier League clubs voted to reject Netflix's pitch.

March 30th 2023

Premier League clubs have voted to reject an official approach from Netflix that would have seen the streaming giants produce an access-all-areas documentary series.

Pitched in the style of ‘Drive to Survive’ – which has been widely credited with creating unprecedented cultural appeal for Formula 1 – the series would have followed all 20 Premier League clubs across a single season, in a major point of difference from the ‘All or Nothing’ model which focuses specifically on one club at a time.

The 20 clubs voted on the idea at a shareholders’ meeting in London today, with opposition from Sky thought to be one of the primary drivers for their hesitation. Netflix has never held Premier League rights, while Sky has since its inception, and it’s thought that Sky were uncomfortable with Netflix developing a new format that could tie the Premier League so tightly to its own brand.

With reports continuing to mount that Apple are ready to enter the market for Premier League broadcast rights for 2025/26, expect more off-pitch formats to be proposed as streaming platforms look for ways to make the most out of any rights packages they do eventually hold.