Match Fit: Arsenal v Manchester United

Match Fit: Arsenal v Manchester United

Come and have a go if you think your fit's hard enough.

January 26th 2023

Football stadiums are unique places. Every weekend, thousands of people from different backgrounds make their way down to watch a game, each bringing their own story to the terraces. We hear those stories in the way fans talk, sing, shout, watch and also in the way they dress. Introducing #MatchFit – game day style brought to you by VERSUS. We’re travelling far and wide and sending shooters to find the best matchday looks.

Our first edition took place in North London, and what a week it's been for Arsenal fans. Last minute winner over the old rivals, five points clear at the top of the table and now, their very own edition of #MatchFit. Swipe to see some of the hardest gameday style from the Emirates. Who’s fit popped? Who dropped the ball? Where should we go next?

Take a closer look at the some of the fits on display from the Gunners' Premier League match against old-time rivals Manchester United, last weekend.

Photography by Ethan Bucher for VERSUS.