CARICOM’s Third Issue Invites Readers to Escape to “The Island”

Escape to a different world.

October 12th 2022

Launched in 2017, CARICOM is an innovative print and online platform founded by writer Calum Jacobs that explores football and broader culture through the lens of the Black experience.

Having previously released two issues, CARICOM 3 sets sail to a new land – “The Island” – offering people the opportunity to escape the endless and invasive discussion of racism to instead consider the joys of Blackness and one’s ability to use their creative energy to explore different narratives.

“The Island is the latest iteration in the evolution of CARICOM” explains Jacobs. “Conceived as a radical thought experiment, it asks people to envision a world in which Black people turn their backs on the standard narratives of trauma and oppression that are forced upon them.

“Instead, [it] encourages Black people to consider the expansive possibilities for more prosperous ways of being in a space where unrestrained Blackness is free to thrive.”

The multimedia project marks a new era for CARICOM, one set to explore fashion, football, culture, and visual storytelling through a variety of mediums including a short story recorded by new wave UKG pioneer Conducta, a special edition football kit in collaboration with ‘Nike By You’ – forty of which will be available to purchase from Nike Town London – and original artwork by Ghanaian painter Daniel Anum Jasper, which will also be reproduced as a poster and postcards on a print-on-demand basis.

Visit “The Island” by signing up here, and to take a closer look at what to expect from the utopia below.