Nike and Angel City FC Have Taken DIY Kits to a New Level

Repping your club just got a little more personal.

March 17th 2023

Angel City FC’s new 2023 ‘Represent’ away kit was made for the fans.

The jersey follows a similar colour scheme to last season’s, with the Angels’ signature shade of pink accenting a light grey base also incorporating the club’s motto ‘volemos’ – ‘let’s fly’ in English – on the back in Gothic lettering.

The shirt also pays homage to Los Angeles and the diverse communities that make the city what it is. Epitomised by a halftone map of LA County against the Pacific Ocean taking up the majority of the shirt’s front – there’s no mistaking what area code this team represents. The most unique part of the kit isn’t the map though, but the iron-on patches that fans can have pressed onto their shirts.

Designed by local artists, the eleven different patches represent not only the City of Angels but the people that inhabit it. There is an emphasis on the city’s diversity, with designs depicting Black, Asian, Latino, and Indigenous communities, as well as the LGBTQ+ community.

Fans can choose to purchase as many patches as they like, and can either have them heat-pressed onto their jerseys or sent to them as they are, ready to place on any piece of clothing.

Shirt personalisation is nothing new, but this DIY approach is an exciting development in kit design and club merchandise as a whole.

The ‘Represent’ jersey is available to shop now via the Angel City Online Store.

Get a closer look at the shirt and some of the bespoke badge designs below.