Raheem Sterling Is Bravely Changing the Narrative in Mainstream Football Media

A class act ?

December 10th 2018

After being racially abused on the weekend at Stamford Bridge, Raheem Sterling bravely called out the media for their part in perpetuating racism.

Sterling’s well-considered reaction has changed the narrative on racism in football from finger pointing at a select number of racist “fans” who ruin the game to questioning the dialogue of certain sections of the mainstream media, who have persistently undermined black footballers like Sterling via a long-standing and toxic agenda.

Sterling has now a sparked a wider discussion between journalists, players, ex-players, pundits and fans about racism in the modern game.

It’s not the first – and sadly probably not the last – time this will happen: but well done to Raheem Sterling for changing the discussion in the game once more and for his continued good work outside of the game.

The Professional Footballers’ Association says it stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Raheem Sterling following the incident of alleged racist abuse at Chelsea on Saturday and believes he is “singled out” for negative coverage in the media. Hopefully The S*n, The Mail and anyone else with agenda will get the message that their reporting is unacceptable, and Sterling raising the issue will encourage a new generation of players and fans to take a stand.