Nike’s New ‘Next Nature’ Football is Designed with The Planet in Mind

Made from 100% recycled yarn ♻️

April 15th 2021

Nike have just released the Next Nature Football, a proof-of-concept skills ball made entirely from 100% recycled yarn and designed specifically with tomorrow in mind.

As part of their holistically sustainable approach going forward as a brand, Nike are amplifying their successes while looking for the next barrier to break – with the Next Nature Football a tangible sign of things to come.

Made entirely from recycled material, Nike’s new skills ball was designed to inspire creativity in young players. The outer shell is made entirely from recycled airbags to give it a free-flowing and futuristic look that lets you see directly through to the 100% recycled yarn fill inside.

The outer shell of the ball is constructed from recycled airbag scraps and filled with 100% recycled yarn trimmings that have been diverted from landfills.

While the ball will not be available for sale – Nike are indicating it will be soon. Get a closer look at the Nike Next Nature Football below.