Azcaptures Designs a Wavey, Limited-Edition Air Max 95 With Nike

These are cold ❄️

July 31st 2020

London photographer Ayshe Zaifoglu (azcaptures) has just dropped off a super-clean Air Max 95 collaboration after being selected as one of 1 of 20 London based guest designers to co-create a shoe with Nike.

Designed by Az specifically for shooters in busy venues, the model features a blood red toe box for maximum visibility in the dance, with ‘L and R’ marked on each corresponding shoe for “the choreography of the photo pit.”

Speaking about her story, the PAY YOUR SHOOTER honcho said: “As a young female in a male dominated space, it began as a struggle to be recognised and respected for my knowledge and ability. By never dialling down my aspirations and ability to adapt in different spaces, I’ve managed to gain a level of respect that is deeper than any box you could try fit me into.”

“I capture. I represent securing the respect you deserve for the work that you do. Know your worth and pay your shooter.”

Limited to 350 pairs, the limited-edition Nike SPEEDLITE AZ001-95 is available to cop now via Nike. Get a closer look at the model below.