The 15 Best Football Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

The 15 Best Football Documentaries You Can Watch Right Now

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January 11th 2021

Almost everyone reading this will be be seriously craving for something to watch right now – especially as a lot of you might be in self-isolation, working from home or staying away from vulnerable friends and family – so we’re going to try and serve up some assists to help you through this rather weird time.

In addition to reloading some of the most iconic games of all-time, or checking in on our 50-track playlist featuring the best football-inspired bars from grime, drill and UK rap, we're now hooking you up with a definitive list of the best football docs you can stream right now.

From Netflix to Amazon Prime, and YouTube to iPlayer – here's 15 football films to get you through isolation.

1. Keane and Vieira – Best of Enemies

How: YouTube

Originally released in 2013, this hour-long doc is an intense deep dive into the Man United and Arsenal rivalry that defined the Premier League at the turn of the Millennium, via a face-to-face discussion between club captains Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira.

2. Football’s Most Dangerous Rivalry

How: YouTube

Produced by VICE, this doc examines the Old Firm Derby between Rangers and Celtic. The film looks at the the political, religious, and national identity clashes that have shaped the rivalry, speak to fanzine editors on both sides of the divide and travel with the Bhoys’ away support to a match at Tannadice.

3. Life on Loan: Conor Gallagher

How: YouTube

Chelsea’s long list of loanees has always been a point of fascination for fans, and this innovative series gives us an inside look at what it’s like for a player to be on loan for the first time.


4. Shame In The Game: Racism in Football

How: BBC iPlayer

Featuring interviews from top level players including Andre Gray, this doc drops after last season saw a 66% rise in hate crime. The film shows the devastating impact that the abuse can have on the players and their families, and asks what can be done to stop this.


5. All or Nothing: Manchester City

How: Amazon Prime

Amazon’s landmark documentary took viewers inside the workings of an elite Premier League club for the first time, including insightful scenes in the dressing room and training ground of a record-breaking Manchester City season.

6. Inside Borussia Dortmund

How: Amazon Prime

This four-part series is another entry in the sub-genre of going inside the world’s biggest clubs, and this edition relives Dortmund’s 2018/19 season. Among the key storylines is the emergence of Jadon Sancho as an elite-level baller, which makes it of extra interest to any English football fan.


7. Sunderland Til’ I Die

How: Netflix

In stark contrast to the the docs on Man City and Dortmund, this series catches a club at absolute rock bottom – as Sunderland suffer successive relegations from the Premier League and the Championship. It’s brutally honest and a brilliant insight into how difficult clubs have it outside of the top flight.


8. Le K Benzema

How: Netflix

This feature-length film focusses on Karim Benzema’s controversial relationship with the French national team, with the baller opening up about his career and the accusations that destroyed his international career.

9. Wayne Rooney: The Man Behind the Goals

How: YouTube

Released as Wayne Rooney became England’s all-time record scorer, this film sees the striker gives cameras access to his home and personal life for the first time. It’s probably the best portrait of the most iconic England player of a generation.


10. Concrete Football

How: Netflix

Released as part of the ‘Ballon Sur Bitume’ series that celebrates street football in France, this hour-long special documents the importance football plays in French suburbs and how it’s birthed some of the most iconic players of our time including Ousmane Dembélé, Riyad Mahrez and Kylian Mbappé.


11. Anton Ferdinand: Football, Racism and Me

How: BBC iPlayer

Nine years from finding himself at the centre of a race abuse scandal involving then-England captain John Terry, Anton Ferdinand takes an intimate and moving look back at how the incident affected his life and career – and how English football let him down. The documentary is a painful reminder of the damaging consequences racist abuse has on a victim’s mental and emotional health.


12. Marcus Rashford: Feeding Britain’s Children

How: BBC iPlayer

This new film charts Marcus Rashford’s groundbreaking campaign to end child food poverty and secure free school meals for vulnerable children. Diving deep into Marcus’ childhood, we find out why the 23-year-old will never stop caring or campaigning on this issue. Rashford changed what it means to be an athlete last year, and this documentary will be looked back on for years to come.


13. Diego Maradona

How: Amazon Prime

This critically-acclaimed documentary is the ultimate tale of arguably football’s most talented player of all-time, charting his glory, betrayal, despair, corruption and redemption. The film features 30 year old archive footage and focuses primarly on Diego’s legendary success at Napoli. A must-watch for football fans of all ages.

14. Fernando Torres: The Last Symbol

How: Amazon Prime

Fernando Torres has one of the most notable careers of the modern era. From captaining Atletico Madrid at just 19-years-old, to becoming arguably the deadliest striker on the planet at Liverpool, to one of the all-time great transfer flops at Chelsea, El Nino has seen it all. This documentary looks at his career from those who know him best, with a sharp focus on the mental toil athletes go through when they lose their edge.

15. Anelka: Misunderstood

How: Netflix

Nicolas Anelka enjoyed a career like no other and is remembered as one of the game’s most complex characters. ‘Le Sulk’ had the ability to amaze or enrage in equal measure, and this film is a no-holds barred look into his life and times. Including interviews with Thierry Henry, Arsene Wenger and Didier Drogba, this is a star-studded look into the mind of a modern day legend.