The Kit Fit: Sam Kerr

The Kit Fit: Sam Kerr

One of football's all-time greatest goalscorers is also one of the biggest streetwear heads in the game – and the perfect player to spotlight Chelsea's new Air Max kit.

January 29th 2021

Welcome to 'The Kit Fit', a new series that pairs the game's waviest jerseys with the best street style pieces to produce clean, football-inspired fits for some of the most fashion-forward ballers in the game.

There’s probably no better player to link up for a feature pairing up football jerseys with street style pieces than Sam Kerr. Put simply, Australia’s national treasure and record goalscorer absolutely loves streetwear, as we immediately find out when we see the inside of her wardrobe while on our FaceTime call.

Kerr has forged a reputation for being one of the best forwards on the planet; the all-time leading scorer in both the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), the USA and the Australian W-League. Kerr is an absolutely irrepressible opponent, but when she gets her cat, Helen, involved in the FaceTime shoot and talks through her love of Justin Bieber, Kerr’s down-to-earth, easy-going vibe is the opposite to her deadly, on-field form.

“My closet is all streetwear stuff. I’m a big fan of the Fear of God ‘ESSENTIALS’ at the moment, and I’m loving Burberry’s outerwear at the moment. I should wear this new coat for the shoot – it’ll work nicely with the shirt!” While we’re usually the ones doing the creative direction for the shoots, it’s clear Kerr’s conviction isn’t just limited to her relentless goal-scoring ability – she also knows what does and doesn’t work when it comes to styling.

Linking up with Sam from her home over FaceTime, we found some clean pieces from the Nike store to pair up with Chelsea’s 2020/21 Air Max Jersey and decked her out in a street-ready Kit Fit.

Photography edits by Danika Magdelena.

Despite being handed a clean pair of Air Force 1s for the shoot today, Kerr is keen to showcase a rarer pair of Fear of God x Nike collab sneakers for the shoot – at her own request – purely because they’re “something different to the usual”. “The first thing I look at when I meet someone is their sneakers. There’s not the quite the same culture over here as there is in Chicago, say, but when we were allowed outside, I was always on the look out for the types of sneakers people were wearing here in London.”

It was a bit of a dream come true for Kerr to get her first Nike sponsorship deal. Having copped her first pair of sneakers – a pair of Jordans – as a kid, she now has access to pretty much any Swoosh sneaker – and piece of clothing – she likes. But that’s not to say she’s into just getting the most-hyped pieces possible: “I prefer it when people are just effortless with it, stop doing it for the clout. It’s not all about having expensive stuff that is all big brands, it’s about how you make it look.”

Taking control of the fits of the shoot (when Helen wasn’t trying to steal the show) Kerr wore her own Moncler jacket “the perfect coat for winter in London”, which helps make the scarlet and ultramarine pop on the plain white canvas of Chelsea’s Air Max kit, with the embossed ‘180 logo’ standing out in the middle of the jersey.”The synergy between streetwear and soccer is sick, I’m loving the direction things are going in the game at the moment” Kerr says speaking of the Air Max design on the shirt. More than just caring about looking “drippy” rather than “flexing” a piece, it’s clear that above the pure aesthetic or design of a product, Kerr cares about the story behind it.