PUMA Drop Ultra-Light ‘King Platinum Lazertouch’ Football Boot

Their lightest KING boot ever ☁️

March 26th 2020

PUMA has introduced a new, industry-first technology for football boots, which enhances the control properties of K-leather on the new PUMA KING Platinum Lazertouch.

Offering new levels of touch and feel on the ball, the patented new Lazertouch technology is exclusive to PUMA and allows for a variety of specially crafted textures and graphics to be embossed onto the upper material of the boot.

The cutting-edge tech uses lasers to engrave detailed performance augmented patterns and textures to a mold, before it is fused together with the K-leather, enhancing the material’s existing control for the game’s tekkiest players.

The locked-in fit is then refined with a knitted tongue on the slick silhouette, which is combined with a super lightweight ‘RAPIDSPRINT’ outsole to also make it the fastest and lightest PUMA KING ever.

“The PUMA KING is synonymous with craftmanship and premium materials for ultimate ball control. The performance enhancing Lazertouch technology applied to key strike zones elevates the touch of every on-pitch maestro to a whole new level,” said Dominique Gathier, Head of Product Line Management Teamsport at PUMA. “This is just the first application of Lazertouch in our football footwear, and we are exploring further opportunities across our range of boot silos.” Get a closer look at the model below.

The PUMA KING Platinum Lazertouch is available in PUMA White and in PUMA Black now on PUMA.com and at select retailers worldwide.