Palace Unveil a First Look at Their Vibe-Heavy Collection for Autumn ’19

Make a statement this season ?

August 6th 2019

Palace is back true to form as they provide the first look at their vibe-heavy Autumn 2019 collection.

Streetwear heavyweights Palace has stepped out of the shadows to showcase their latest seasonal effort, built on foundations of nostalgia and strides into the future with vaporwave inspired prints. The collection is certainly impressive, with all bases covered from skate decks, outerwear, jeans, tees, shirts, and more.

There are a series of serious standouts within the Autumn 2019 armoury, with Palace’s take on the coveted Avirex Jacket taking centre stage. Psychedelic vibes are handled in green, white, and yellow with impressive pattern choices and two-piece fleece tracksuits, with ravers and streetwear enthusiasts blessed with a range of shell tracksuits ranging from high attitude patterns to subtle trims. Early 2000s energy is maintained across t-shirt offerings through a range of graphic prints, the most eye-catching of which features the once king-of-phones Blackberry Bold. If big statements are what you’re looking for, look no further than Palace’s Autumn footwear for furry cow print Chelsea Boots.

Take a look at the best products Palace Autumn 2019 has to offer, and head over to PALACE to keep on top of all upcoming releases.