No Half Measures: The North Face Gets Extreme

Nostalgic gear for the toughest conditions ❄️

January 22nd 2020

The North Face takes a walk on the wild side with the reintroduction of the Extreme collection.

When it comes to retro styling, few hit the nail on the head like The North Face. Beginning in 2019, the outerwear experts began reintroducing some of their boldest collections from the 80s and 90s, reminding fans of the beginnings that put them at the forefront of extreme sport style.

Their next nostalgia-filled trip welcomes the reintroduction of the 1988 Extreme collection. Designed as a homage to an athletic, and aesthetic desire to break the mould, Extreme is unapologetically bold, featuring heavy block colouring across a range of TNF classic silhouettes.

Check out The North Face Extreme collection below, and shop Drop 1 now via The North Face’s online and physical stores, with Drop 2 is set to land on January 25th.