Westminster Police Confirm They Are Shutting Down Resellers at Supreme London

Resellers beware.

April 26th 2018

Following reports that police apprehended and stopped a man from reselling a Supreme flask on the day of the recent Supreme x Lacoste drop in London, Westminster Council has now released an official statement regarding the crackdown on resellers in Soho.

Steve Muldoon, who is the local ward officer and supervisor of the Soho police, stated:

“We have received a number of complaints in relation to Anti-Social behavior connected to persons re-selling goods on the streets of Soho.

We have assisted Westminster City Council with an operation on Thursday last week where a number of goods were seized. No arrests were made during this operation.

We will continue to work in partnership with Westminster City Council to resolve this issue for local residents and businesses. Our role in these operations is to prevent any breach of the peace occurring.”

This more or less serves as a confirmation of a police crackdown on those reselling Supreme from outside the streetwear brand’s London store.