US Soccer Link Up with Awake NY, Kidsuper and HIDDEN.NY and More for the 2022 World Cup

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November 1st 2022

US Soccer has linked up with some of the best Stateside streetwear brands ahead of the 2022 World Cup.

Last month, we saw Japan’s national team connect with the founder of BAPE, NIGO, for a ‘Special National Team Collection’ that expresses the nation’s style and culture. And now, one of the powerhouse nations of global streetwear culture is launching its lifestyle looks ahead of the major international tournament.

Collaborating with Awake NY, KidSuper, HIDDEN.NY, Jason Scott, and VoyceNow, each brand takes inspiration from their own relationship with the beautiful game for their respective collections.

Awake NY

Awake NY presents a cream hoodie partnered with a range of co-branded T-shirts that read “Solo Pa’lante’, translating to “Only Forward” – the USMNT’s slogan. Founder Angelo Baque spoke on the saying being a “signifier for my upbringing and the inclusive spirit of the USMNT.”


KidSuper delivered a serious throwback for their involvement, producing a retro tracksuit that no doubt pays homage to the Stars and Stripes’ iconic 1994 away shirt, inspired by what founder Colm Dillane would want to wear had he ever played for the national team.


The elusive yet frequently collaborative HIDDEN.NY dropped a series of staples and accessories that partners motifs of their own brand with the USMNT’s, providing an altered fused stylisation of the “Only Forward” message – “Hidden Forward.”

Jason Scott

A frequent flyer for athleisure, Jason Scott discussed football being “a major source of inspiration” for work throughout his career, his brand showcasing a range of low-key long-sleeve tops that feature the USMNT logo and slogan along the left shoulder and centre chest.


Last of all is a brand that stays close to the men’s squad, VoyceNow being founded by ‘keeper Zack Steffen in 2020. Created as a nonprofit, Steffen and co-founder Alex Crognale wished to encourage athletes to use their platforms to discuss inequality, and do so with their role in the collection.

Their duo of an oversized tee and hoodie are embellished with designs that promote unity and equality, most notably through the standout “love conquers all” graphic along the back of both pieces – a fitting message for this year’s tournament in Qatar.

Dropping day-by-day this week, both HIDDEN.NY and Awake’s pieces are available on their respective sites, with later brands to come as the week goes on.