YARD and Miles Explore Women’s Street Football in Upcoming Documentary ‘Footeuses’

"Before they're my teammates, they're my sisters" ⚽

January 15th 2020

After producing both the brilliant ‘Ballon sur Bitume’ and ‘Ousmane’ in recent years, French film agency YARD have collaborated with Miles for a new documentary exploring underground women’s football: ‘Footeuses’.

The movie delves into the reality of the women’s game in France, with Paris Saint-Germain Women’s players Grace Geyoro and Nadia Nadim, former PSG defender Laure Boulleau and singer Aya Nakamura providing accounts into their experiences playing in their homeland. The films central focus is on the passionate young women who are playing the game on the ‘banlieues’ of France, and their personal experiences growing up kicking ball while striving for emancipation.

The film was shot a few months after the 2019 World Cup held in France, which contributed a lot to the women’s football exploding in popularity across the globe. YARD’s goal was to tell the lesser-known stories of amateur football and the lives of young immigrants on concrete playgrounds in the nation’s suburbs.

‘Footeuses’ explores what it’s like living with the difficulties of defeating the prejudices of modern society, and serves as a natural sequel to the series inaugurated with YARD’s excellent 2016 documentary ‘Ballon sur Bitume’.

Tune into the trailer above to get a feel for the new documentary, which is set for release on February 21.