England Women’s Historic Victory Causes Nike Merchandise Sales to Triple

The Lionesses are cash money right now.

August 10th 2022

In the four hours following England’s win at Wembley last month, Nike merchandise celebrating the momentous occasion reportedly sold at unprecedented levels.

According to Fanatics, in the week leading up to the Women’s Euros final, merchandise sales tripled and within minutes of the final whistle blowing and England being crowned champions, sales exploded at a rate 640% higher than usual.

England fans scrambled to purchase merchandise to commemorate the historic occasion, with the Lionesses’ Home shirt and Chloe Kelly’s sports bra becoming two of Nike’s best-selling items via their online store.

This tournament saw records get broken left, right and centre as over 500,000 fans from all over the globe travelled across England to watch the biggest competition in women’s sporting history.

The number of shirts and other Nike merchandise sold is just another indication of not only how far women’s football has come in recent years, but how far it can continue to grow as millions of pounds were spent on supporting one team alone.

With the Women’s World Cup set to kick-off next summer, let’s hope this level of engagement and passion continues, and records keep getting broken on and off the pitch.