Nike Launch the Comic Book-Inspired 21/22 Hi Vis Premier League Ball

Celebrating the league's superheroes.

November 1st 2021

Nike have just dropped off the Premier League’s new match ball for the second half of the season, with this season’s Hi Vis ball featuring a comic book design.

Celebrating players on and off field status as superheroes, the ball features the same organic connectivity that was woven into the OG match ball for 21/22. The Hi Vis version keeps the same template, with each of the four panels remaining different, while all staying connected.

The organic base wraps the ball and links the 12 signal pods that offer optimal flicker and colour optimisation, but given a bold “Yellow/Blue/Laser Crimson/White” colourway inspired bright images of the Golden Age of comic books, which took place from 1938 to 1956.

Expect the new match ball to take over from the regular ball from this weekend – get a closer look at Nike’s Premier League Hi Vis 21/22 ball below.